Keep the Conversation Going!

Join or Login to our Slack Networking Platform

You can use Slack on your desktop or your phone. Creating an account is free – you’ll just need to verify your email address and create a password.

Here’s some ways you can use Slack:

(1) Tag panelists and ask them specific questions before or after their sessions in our session-specific channels.

(2) Introduce yourself to other attendees in the General Conference Conversation channel.

(3) Connect with a small group by creating a private Slack channel using the “Add Channel” button on the left sidebar. Add the attendees you would like to connect with (the other attendees must also be on Slack).  In this channel, you can chat in a small group or send a link to your preferred video conferencing software to connect.

(4) Enable desktop notifications in your Slack preferences to make sure you don’t miss out on conference reminders or interesting discussions throughout the day.

Screenshot of Slack channel